Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Little Boy Blue - Double

That´s the newest design from "Flower Electronics".
more info at the title-link.
some specs:
Combines functionality of two LBB Standard, one Battery Powered Noise Generator, and extended Mysterious Action

4 voltage controlled ramp (sawtooth) oscillators
2 × 1/4" input with variable gain
2 × envelope follower with optional inverter
2 × 2 channel mixer
2 intermodulators
extended Mysterious Action

here´s a link to some sound samples of the double LBB:

Wall Gins

One of Dewanatron´s newer weird sonic creations. The Wall gins - more info and sound sample at the title-link.

Another interesting device, the "Dual Primate Console". And even more of this kind
at their really impressing homepage:

more sounds and a video of Dewanatron at:

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